Dairy Allergies

Dairy AllergiesDairy allergies or lactose intolerance is an allergy or a hypersensitivity that refers to the abnormal immune system reaction. This dairy allergy works very similar to general overall allergies in that the individual is experiencing an adverse reaction to an object. In this case the object is dairy foods and dairy related food products. This will immediately cause any number of symptoms of allergies to surface within a relatively short amount of time. The individual is absolutely fine one minute and the next minute begins not feeling well and this is a scary situation for the individual.

Individuals will sometimes refer to these types of allergies as a simple food allergy, yet the causes for dairy intolerance go much deeper as any medical physician is aware. The true food allergies are serious for any individual and in certain situations can be very deadly. The intolerance level for most individuals can be a very sensitive issue and it does not take much to through the immune system off balance. Once small glass of milk or even too much butter on a piece of toast will cause an individual to find themselves in the emergency room of the nearest hospital.

abnormal immune system reactionLactose intolerance is not just an allergy to milk but the inability of an individuals system to break down the sugar found in the milk or dairy product. This is a cause by the lack of an enzyme with is supposed to work hard to break down the foods the individual is eating. The individual will then suffer the results and after effects of painful bloating, diarrhea and abdominal discomfort. This is not a fun way for anyone to spend the day and at times certain individuals can become dehydrated because of the adverse reaction to dairy products. On average there is a fairly large portion of the population who currently are diagnosed with this unfortunate malady.

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Researchers still are far from a definitive answer to this difficulty, but perhaps they are looking in a different direction. Today we vaccinate the dairy cows unlike years ago and it makes one wonder if some of the medication the dairy cows given through inoculations are passing along through the milk to the individuals who are purchasing the dairy products. Unfortunately these allergens are still everywhere and there is very little an individual can do. The best medical advice is for the individual to cease feasting on all dairy products or at the least to cut way back and eat dairy products under carefully designed means.

gastrointestinal distressMilk and milk allergies will over time transform into a mild form of asthma, eczema, rhinitis, and gastrointestinal distress and the individual will suffer ten fold. Eventually if the individual refuses to listen to the warning signals, bleeding, pneumonia, and anaphylaxis which in layman terms are going into shock. When medical attention is serving the individual, the individual will survive and be weak for a short time. The lack of medical attention will render the individual into a very precarious position with the possibility of death.

Individual will have to clear the kitchen table of all known allergy-causing foods and eat a very limited diet for a time to clear out the individuals system. Then after a few weeks begin one food at a time in the reintroduction and carefully monitor each new food until the individual finally finds out which food is causing all the personal grief. If the individual prefers to make an appointment with the family medical physician then the individual will receive the results of the testing much sooner, but it will be very costly. This is a decision the individual will make and then resolve within his or her mind before making the appointment with the medical physician.

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