Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergiesSeasonal allergies are exactly what the implication is, seasonal. By these seasonal allergies the medical community refers to that which occurs only at specific times out of the entire year. Individuals are inhaling foreign particles into their lungs and bodies every day of the year without and minor or major difficulties. This is because the individuals own body system is constantly prepared to fight off these foreign objects. The difficulty comes when there are armies of foreign allergens bombarding the individual’s body all at the same time.

Adults and children alike need to take care when trying to exercise in warm climates and when pollen levels are high because this will cause irritation to the lungs and can trigger an allergy episode. Extreme temperatures on both ends of the spectrum do play havoc with the lungs of all individuals, but especially individuals with weakened lungs cause by chronic allergies. When outside environmental issues is the trigger it only adds to the awareness. Allergens such as pollen, dust mites, molds, cat and dog dander, medications, and chemicals within certain foods like processed foods.

Allergy medicationAllergy medication under prescription of the family medical physician will help to ease some of the symptoms of allergies, but the individual must try to understand there really is no cure for allergies. The best the medical physician can offer is to mask the symptoms of allergies the individual is suffering. The medical physician will offer a prescription, but unless the individual needs strong allergy medication it can also be found in any store as an over the counter medication for a lot less cost.

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Allergy medication is another aspect to this new guideline and it tries to help clear up the facts from fiction to help put many individuals’ minds at ease. Education is the number one key to learning what the truth is. Regular conversation with the family medical physician is another helpful tool in the toolbox. This will continue to help each individual suffering with asthma in any form to understand and have the ability to continue with whatever comes next. In a sense it is offering information for individuals to have the ability to choose how they wish to live their lives.

actual lung functionClinicians will have the opportunity to review the individual’s exposure in regards to allergens and other irritants to help reduce the exposure. Sometimes it means getting rid of the old rugs in the home or apartment. Controlling allergies and all the varied allergy symptoms will become much easier through the correct prescription for medications to help enhance the individual’s life. The days of having to spend days sitting in the emergency room at a local community hospital will greatly reduce in the days to come with the advent of education and communication.

Sensitivities to chemicals in the environment and certain foods will trigger the same reaction so this is difficult to pinpoint if it is a reaction to actual lung function from asthma or if it is sensitivity to the environment or a particular food. Foods today, such as the fast foods are not as wholesome as many may think and that it could be from a chemical reaction caused through the processing of the food.

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Diagnostic testing is the only way the medical physician can pinpoint the identifying cause and the individual must try to remain patient because this will take time to diagnosis. There are a variety of patch tests the medical physician will conduct, but with each patch test there is a time delay of anywhere from a few days to a week. Similar to the tuberculosis testing that is in many states through a patch test.

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