Proventil Inhaler (Albuterol Inhalation) 100 mcg

Proventil Inhaler (Albuterol Inhalation) 100 mcg
BRAND NAME: Proventil

GENERIC NAME: Albuterol Inhalation

PREPARATIONS: Inhalers: 100 mcg

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One dose of metered aerosol for inhalation include 124 mg of salbutamol sulphate, corresponding to 100 mg of pure material. As auxiliary substances ethanol and hydrofluoroalkane are used.

Pharmaceutical Form

Proventil has the following pharmaceutical forms:

  • metered aerosol for inhalation of 100 mg/dose (released in aluminum container under pressure, each inhaler contains 200 doses; when sprayed onto a glass surface leaves white spot);
  • metered powder for inhalation of 200 or 400 mcg/dose;
  • film coated pills of 2 and 4 mg.

Produced under other brand names salbutamol drugs can also be released as:

  • retard pills;
  • solution for inhalation;
  • solution for injections;
  • syrup;
  • concentrate for infusion solution;
  • capsules, filled with powder for inhalation.

Ventolin Inhaler (Albuterol / Salbutamol) 100 mcg

Ventolin Inhaler (Albuterol / Salbutamol) 100 mcg
BRAND NAME: Ventolin

GENERIC NAME: Albuterol / Salbutamol

PREPARATIONS: Inhalers: 100 mcg

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Ventolin Inhaler 4 inhalers 100 mcg $86.00 $21.50 Buy Now
Ventolin Inhaler 6 inhalers 100 mcg $113.70 $18.95 Buy Now

Instruction for Use

Name: Ventolin


Ventolin Inhaler is aerosol for inhalation comprising a single dose of 100 mcg salbutamol. Other ingredients: nebuliser gas HFA 134a.

Ventolin is released as solution for inhalation containing 2.5 mg of salbutamol. Additive agents: sodium chloride, purified water, dilute sulphuric acid.

Indications for Use

This medicine is used for bronchial tubes and lungs treatment. Ventolin inhalers are applied at asthma attacks arrest.
It is antiasthmatic drugs and stimulator of beta-adrenergic receptors.
Active substance: salbutamol

Pharmaceutical Formventolin

Ventolin Inhaler – aerosol for inhalation dose, 100 micrograms in a single dose, 200 doses of balloon.

Pharmachologic Effect


Generic Ventolin is a selective β2-adrenoceptor agonists. At therapeutic doses, it affects β2-adrenergic receptors of bronchi, providing bronchodilator effect. The effect on β1-adrenergic receptors of myocardium is minimal or absent at all. Ventolin inhaler inhibits leukotriene release from mast cells, histamine, prostaglandin and other biologically active substances. It suppresses bronchial reactivity (early and late), increases lung capacity, reduces resistance in respiratory tract, activates ciliated epithelium function, increases mucociliary clearance, increases mucus secretion, has pronounced bronchodilator effect.

Overflow Problesms

Bronchitis– Hide quoted text — Show quoted text – Last Tuesday was a really lousy day for me. FIRST: I got distracted OVERFILLED the kitchen sink AGAIN. I was pondering what I was going to sell to get the mortgage payment due on the 1st when it happened. THEN: –  A good thing happened as I received a $30 cheque in the mail. –  Unfortunately I also  received a reassessment for last years income tax and it seems I owe them $1,800 due to an error I made and I don’t have that money either. BACKGROUND: – My sensitivity due to my Asthma has been so bad lately likely because I have been so stressed and coughing almost continuously as I have been sick since early October. – My sensitivity goes up and down at various times of the year. I have chronic cough and Bronchitis.  At times my lungs are sore all the time and  so sensitive that I can’t even be near a smoker who has recently had a cigarette. – Even if I have to walk by a smoker near the entrance of a building, it can cause me major pain and sometimes a full blown Asthma attack. As a former smoker, I would never have believed how bad it is. – Every time I take a breath it hurts and if I am near some perfumes and cigarette smoke I go into a coughing fit or a full blown asthma attack. When I get stressed, it gets worse. LATER: – I gave a ride to my daughter and her friend. I never even gave it a second thought. The friend had just had a cigarette which normally would not bother me. Even the smell coming off  her caused a coughing fit, which turned into a Asthma attack and I threw up loosing my supper. Luckily the worst of this happened just after she got out of the car so she didn’t know what happened. STILL MORE TROUBLE: – I felt so lousy that I went for a drive alone with the windows open to get some air. I wasn’t paying attention to my speed and got a ticket. Nothing to be proud of and I don’t have the money to pay it either right now. – blown asthma attackI find it incredible that at times of the year smoking bothers me so much. At other times of the year when my sensitivity clears up, I often feel so good that even get a craving for a fag and have the odd one especially if I have a few drinks. Incredible. AND MORE: – Well after I settled down from getting the speeding ticket, I went to the bank machine and found that I had lost the $30 cheque. I haven’t found it either.  Instead, I withdrew $20 from my bank account. AND NOW: Now, I can’t find my bank card anymore or the missing cheque and it has be several days. Generally last  Tuesday was not  a good day.

Aw, Vic. Sounds like you could use a hug, so…. {{{{{{Vic}}}}}} I hope the rest of your week was better.

TV NEWS: EVERYThis is about dogs

EVERYThis is about dogsYes, for example difficult to say what is stronger – the silence about the AIDS taking thousands lives a day or the crying about bird flu taking one life a week. Nomen Unicus – Hide quoted text — Show quoted text – Nomen don’t they call that an aristocratic society? What I do know is I wish I was born with good blinders. The funny thing is I could try to ignore most of the correlations if it wasn’t for pollution. I mean eventually all the rest would rile me. I remember when independent reporters would write some seriously challenging stuff about real isssues. Now all the media is interconnected with billion dollars corporations. You won’t see them go after real issues, most just ignore it. I am horrified this is the best the world can get? We might have the best economy but we are slowly losing our feedoms. I doubt we have the freedom to elect the best and brightest anymore.I don’teven think we have the freedom to post annoymously much more longer.

respiratory illness and cancerthankyou Nomen are you annoymous?  I love you Monet.
– Hide quoted text — Show quoted text – That song is very nice and right and all these problems are from absence of real democracy. You have the moneycracy in your country and so are the results. Nomen Unicus poor dogs are eating tainted food. Not the millions with lung disease. Not the rising crime rate where in my city ists a freaking war zone. At least two shot everyday. Millions living in polluted air. But our stocks are going crazy. We ignore reality. This is getting more and more like RussiWe ignore reality , we ignore pollution , we ignore crime , we ignore hatred , we ignore the disparity between rich and poor, we ignore the correlations of wild weather and global warming, election reform and who only gets elected in US today, We ignore who doesn’t get work, we ignore who gets sick from asthma and respiratory disease and why then we have to react to it all ; mental illness, asthma and respiratory illness  and cancer , new diseases, unemployed , addictons, six million prisoners in jail, one in twelve alcoholic, one in four mentally ill, one in two affected by crime, millions with asthma and respiratory disease, millions who lose their home from the catastrophes in the weather record warmth,  people who use stereotypes to hate because they probably are victims of these policies and  were never told why they are victims,, Then the  people  to help the victims:  police to fight crimes, court systems that treat those who choose crime who can’t find  work or on drugs,, wars and armies who fight  terror, hospitals  and drug companies to treat you ater they allow the oil and coal  companies to  pollute   poison   you, welfare and rehab and shelters to deal with the unemployed many from illegals we don’t deal with, and thousands of therapists who treat peoplefrom mental illness when they realize they don’t fit in to this madness , credit agencies and lawyers who are needed after people fall to to top one percent financially.

Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment

– Hide quoted text — Show quoted text -Carolyn C. Zimmer wrote: > Chanoch Weil <ccan…@ALUF.TECHNION.AC.IL> wrote: > >On Sun, 23 Feb 1997, Brad Steusloff wrote: > >> Hi.  Last December my 37 year old cousin was dx with ms. She has mild > >> symptoms with flare ups from time to time. Someone sold here of this > >> hydrogen peroxide injection (35%) that is a new treatment. I’m a little > <<SNIP>> > >Chanoch Weil > >ccan…@ALUF.TECHNION.AC.IL > > – > > THE THINKING PERSON’S GUIDE TO PERFECT HEALTH > > BIO-OXIDATIVE MEDICINE > <<BIG SNIP>> > It might not cure MS but maybe you’ll become a natural blonde > ++ > + Carolyn C. Zimmer | “I’ve been warped by the rain, | > + Duluth, GA              |  driven by the snow, I’m drunk and dirty, | > + cczim… |  don’t you know, But I’m still…willin’” | > + STANDARD DISCLAIMER | Lowell George  | > ++

Oxication therapy is a new treatment have A Frend trying it out.Would like to hear more about it from your group. THANKS D.

Hi.  Last December my 37 year old cousin was dx with ms. She has mild symptoms with flare ups from time to time. Someone sold here of this hydrogen peroxide injection (35%) that is a new treatment. I’m a little scared by this and can’t seem to find any information. Does anyone know of this and what effects it has had?  Thanks for your responses. Jan

My Cat Dolly is Missing

I am convinced that cats have telepathic powers which they use when they feel the need. — Molly
Oh, yes, I believe that too, especially at meal times! The other morning I was dozing on and off in bed before getting up. It was just before 7 a.m, and kitty had been shut out of the bed room for the night (I know, mean catmommie) cos my asthma was worsening. Well, Ivory wants fed at seven every morning on the dot. And she knows when it is seven – if the bed room door is open, I get headbutts at seven exactly (you can set the clock by her – how she knows it’s time is also beyond me!) and if the door is closed I get scratching and little motley colored paws being pushed through an extremely small gap. Now usually I need to get up to the bathroom then anyway, so feed her at the same time (Ivory now knows she has to wait patiently outside the bathroom and then she’ll get fed). But the other morning I didn’t need to get up so urgently, so when the scratching occurred I called out “Ivory, go away, Mummy’s sleeping”. Scratching continued but I ignored it and drifted back off to sleep facing away from door. Next  minute, I startled awake with a hell of a fright because the cat was head butting me like she usually does. Only – the cat was shut outside the door scratching on it! I could have sworn that she jumped up behind me like she does if the door is open and started butting the back of my head. Only no kitty. Now, I don’t know if it was just me dreaming, a guilty conscience, or Ivory forcefully putting across the message that she was hungry and wanted fed NOW, but at that point I decided not to toy with the wrath of kitty any longer and I got up and fed her one of the small cans of wet food she usually only gets as a treat. Never toy with kitty’s hunger! <grin. Mere

Frontal Sinus Obliteration

Colenso Thanks for this link; I recall reading it some time ago and wishing I hadn’t! To be fair, my ENT has always warned me of serious complications, if I went untreated: To avoid continuous anxiety,  I choose to forget this most of the time! I’ve been violently allergic to various inhaled allergens for years; my IgE levels are off the scale for mite and pollens.

Post-nasal Drip Causing Breathing Problems

Breathing Problemsmr_lamouche wrote: > I have a mild and quite dry cough sometimes, and an occasional wheeze, > the last time I remember a really noticeable wheeze was a night after I > attended a wedding and had some alcohol, I’ve pretty much given up > alcohol other than that. > When I do have the chest issue, it’s like a kind of heavy feeling in my > lungs, like getting the air in and out isn’t a free and easy movement.

This may be far fetched, but have you  had a CT scan of your lungs and pulmonary function tests? A dry cough and a heavy feeling in the chest could indicate something like hypersensitivity pneumonitis.  Do you work in an occupation that would expose you to large amounts of mold, pigeon droppings, bacteria, etc. This doesn’t always show up on a chest XRay and sometimes not even a CT scan between exposures.  It can also contribute to  sinus problems especially if the drainage is clear. You could at least mention this to your pulmonologist, if you’ve had any of these types of exposures.  He/she can also order a hypersensitivity pnemonitis panel. A positive test doesn’t confirm that you have HP, but does show abnormal exposure, and coupled with symptoms and diagnostic tests can be very suggestive.  HP is sometimes hard to diagnose especially if it is the chronic or subacute type and can slowly cause irreversible lung damage.if not caught in time. Kathyw

How to Care for Your Asthmatic Child

Asthmatic ChildYour child has asthma; naturally, you are concerned about your child’s well being. To help your child, you need to put your own feelings aside. Try not to panic when your child has an asthma attack. Your best weapon against asthma is education. Learn all you can about asthma, and how to help your child during an asthmatic episode. You can start learning about your child’s asthmatic condition by talking to your child’s pediatrician. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The doctor will have patient education material in his/her office; all you need to do is ask for it. The Internet is a very good resource for learning about how to care for your child’s asthma.

Parents should be aware that the physical activity of child’s play can initiate an asthma attack. Your child may not be able to adequately express how he/she is feeling, so it is important that you observe your child for potential difficulties. If you know that when your child plays hard and gets hot and sweaty that he/she tends to have difficulty breathing, you will have to monitor his/her playtime. You may need to ask your child to sit down for a few minutes to rest before he/she gets up to play again. You will have to observe and moderate your child’s physical activity, if he/she isn’t old enough to know when to slow down.

Can an Air Purifier Reduce Asthma Symptoms?

Asthma SymptomsPeople with asthma can suffer greatly when they have an asthma attack. The air passages in the lungs swell which causes difficulty in breathing. Individuals with asthma often have wheezing due to partially obstructed airways. The chest tightens, and the person struggles to breath. Asthma is very prevalent in children as well as adults.

Allergens, such as pollen, smoke, and pet dander can cause such irritation in the airways that the mucous membranes produce large amounts of mucus to try and trap the irritants. As a result, the individual may have coughing, shortness of breath. Obstructions from mucus can prevent air from reaching the alveoli of the lungs where gas exchange takes place. Asthma can be a life threatening condition for man people.