Cat Allergy

Cat AllergyParents and children must research the cause, as sometimes allergens will have the same reaction. The airways become very narrow and breathing becomes difficult when severe allergies take hold. The common allergens affecting children and adults alike are various pollens, house dust mites, mold, and dander from cats and dogs. When there are pet cats and dogs within the household, the parents must find out if their child or children are experiencing an allergic reaction to the family pets.

Allergens also pose a threat when parents find their child or children are allergic to the material furniture, like sofa’s, cushioned chairs, ottomans, draperies, and rugs. Most of these particular items will cause an allergy and asthma attack because of the formaldehyde, especially within carpeting. Some parents will find they must remove all carpeting from the home and have hardwood floors installed. This does become a very big expense, but the health of the child or children far outweigh the cost of making a few minor adjustments to the home.

Childhood asthmaChildhood asthma may also be a catalyst from and to other diseases that under normal circumstances will remain unnoticed. In most cases though it is allergy that causes most of the symptoms of allergies and displays which can come from everyday items such as:

  • Seasonal pollens.
  • Dust mites and mold.
  • Pets and insects.
  • Foods such as fish, eggs, peanuts, cow’s milk, and soy.
  • Additives, such as sulfites.
  • Work related agents such as latex.

Medical physicians can pinpoint the identifying cause and the individual must try to remain patient because this will take time to diagnosis. Keeping this malady in mind there are four allergy asthma symptoms that are generally in recognition and they are:

  • Shortness of breath, particularly when exertion is involved.
  • Wheezing with a whistling or hissing sound when breathing out.
  • Coughing, sometimes chronic coughing, worsening at night.
  • Tightness in the chest occurring without provocation.
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Symptoms of allergies unfortunately are an aggravation activated by an entire host of agents. This is the reason why it is so difficult to understand that no two individuals react in the same way to the same food and environmental triggers. This will also depend on the age and overall health of the individual. Individuals suffering from other ailments will have a shorter trigger as opposed to individuals who have no other identifying causes.

symptoms of asthmaAllergy symptoms unfortunately seem to work off of each other from within the battleground of the lungs. An allergic response will affect the inner lining of the nose and the inner lining of the airways. The symptoms of asthma occur when the antibodies in the blood are in exposure to the allergy causing congestion, itchy eyes, and the possibility of a skin reaction. This would sure make any happy individual turn miserable real fast.

Individual immune systems produce antibodies when exposure to cats and some dog are within proximity. Some individuals are sick so dramatically they sometimes have to move to a new location out of range of the particular cat or dog. What happens is the antibodies trigger allergic reactions like the nasal congestion and inflammation soon follows. If the individual’s immune system produces allergy antibodies when the individual’s exposure to a specific cat or specific dog then the allergy is in full bloom. The proteins in the cat dander trigger the release of certain chemicals that will cause the inflammation and swelling within the lining of the nose.

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Diagnostic testing is the only way the medical physician can pinpoint the identifying cause and the individual must try to remain patient because this will take time to diagnosis. There are varieties of patch tests the medical physician will conduct.

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