Atrovent Inhaler (Ipratropium Bromide) 20mcg

Atrovent Inhaler (Ipratropium Bromide) 20mcg
BRAND NAME: Aeron/ Aerovent / Aproven / Apovent / Ipravent

GENERIC NAME: Ipratropium

PREPARATIONS: Inhalers: 20mcg

AVAILABLE: Generic for Aeron/ Aerovent / Aproven / Apovent / Ipravent

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Atrovent Inhaler 1 inhaler x 20mcg  $46.99   $46.99  Buy Now
Atrovent Inhaler 2 inhalers x 20mcg  $79.99   $39.82  Buy Now
Atrovent Inhaler 3 inhalers x 20mcg  $109.99   $36.75  Buy Now
Atrovent Inhaler 4 inhalers x 20mcg  $138.99   $34.64  Buy Now
Atrovent Inhaler 6 inhalers x 20mcg  $190.99   $31.83  Buy Now
Atrovent Inhaler 8 inhalers x 20mcg  $246.99   $30.90  Buy Now

Atrovent inhaler is a form of asthma treatment intended to be used for preventing bronchospasm. Those are a condition that leads to a narrowing of airways in the lung. This is something that happens to individuals who suffer from problems with bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or emphysema. In its generic version it is called, ipratropium inhaler. And there are other ways that this product may be used that are for something other than asthma treatment as would be mentioned in any medication guide. It is important that a person make sure if one suffers from the conditions of an enlarged prostrate or some kind of bladder obstruction or have a problem with narrow-angle glaucoma. Should one have any of these conditions one may need some special tests or modifications in the dosage by physician before usage. Atrovent inhalers are intended to be sure for asthma treatment of the conditions from bronchospasms other than when a person is having an asthma attack. Using it when having an asthma attack may not result in eliminating the problem of breathing difficulties. It is primarily intended for use on a regular basis to assist with controlling the symptoms of bronchospasm. And it is not intended to replace other medications that are prescribed for other conditions.

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asthma attackAtrovent is a medication that is not expected to be harmful to unborn babies. And for any woman that is pregnant or expects to become pregnant while using Atrovent should make sure one’s health care provider is aware of this information. And any nursing mother should not use this medication without checking with physician first. No child that is under the age of twelve should be given this medication. One should be sure that all instructions are followed that are given with the prescription. There should be no increase in usage or change in the dosage in anyway that the doctor hasn’t approved. And initially when the inhaler is first obtained the patient needs to be tested by spraying it a couple of times in some other direction that at one’s face. Plus if for some reason one doesn’t use the inhaler for three or more days it will need to primed before attempting to it again. All the specifics related to the specific use of the inhaler will be included when it is received. And if there are any questions one can contact the pharmacists or health care provider for more help. They will be sure that one can properly use and care for the inhaler as to guarantee it works correctly.

Atrovent HFA versionIn the event the medication isn’t working properly or having the desire effects the doctor should be notified, especially if one’s condition appears to get worse. Atrovent is to be stored at room temperature and never expose the canister to extreme heat that might cause it to explode. Plus one should keep tract of use and discard it after about 200 sprays. And be sure the doctor is informed before that is done.

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There are certain possible side effects to the use of Atrovent. One might experience problems with headaches, dizziness, dry mouth, coughing, nausea or blurred vision. And there might be a notice in the change of taste should one switch from Atrovent to Atrovent HFA version. Should any effects be noticed the patient should contact the doctor right away. Then follow whatever instructions he or she provides with regards to any changes in usage. Should there be any questions regarding any aspect of using the inhaler the person should consult the doctor. He or she can provide whatever additional information is needed. This will also apply to any other aspects of usage that might come up when the product is received.

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