Nasacort AQ nasal spray

Nasacort AQ nasal sprayFor some types of allergy treatments the will recommend the use of Nasacort AQ nasal spay. It uses the steroid triamcinolone acetonide for allergy treatment. This works to cut down on the release by the body of the substances the cause inflammation. Nasacort AQ nasal spray is used for the nose to treat sneezing, itching and running nose conditions that are caused by allergies that occur during certain seasons and also hay fever. Triamcinolone may have other uses than are mentioned in this article. As a medication, Nasacort is not to be used by children under the age of two without a doctor’s approval. And certain types of triamcinolone are not made for children. This product is not to be used by anyone who is allergic to triamcinolone. In addition one needs doctor if suffering from tuberculosis, cataracts or glaucoma, asthma, any type of infection, had a recent surgery or have an injury to the nose. Nasacort is a medication that can take up to a week before it starts to help with the symptoms. So it is very important the person follows all the directions give with regards to usage. One should not alter the usage without first consulting the doctor. And the doctor should be consulted if by chance the condition gets worse. Triamcinolone works to lower the blood cells that help the body fight infections. These are the ones that often help one bleed when injured. Therefore a person will need to avoid contact with those who are sick while under the treatment with this medication. This is especially true if the person has chicken pox or measles.

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allergy treatmentOne needs to be sure the doctor is informed of any medications that are being taken. And of any allergies that one has that might react to Nasacort. Such conditions might require him or her to adjust the dosage to allow for that problem. This could even require the use of special tests if that is necessary. It is not know if Nasacort is harmful to an unknown baby. Any woman that is pregnant or things she will become pregnant while using the medication needs to inform doctor. And any mother who is nursing also needs to let the doctor know before taking the medication. Triamcinolone is known to affect a child’s growth. So parents will need to let doctor know if the child taking Nasacort shows any possible problems with growth.

One should only use the product as directed. And to follow any specific instructions that are provided. Should there be any questions on the instructions they should be directed to pharmacist or one health care provider. These will include specifics for how to handle and use the product as well as the care of the medication. Since it is an inhaler one needs to be sure that the canister is treated with special care. It should not be exposed to extreme heat. And after one hundred uses it should be discarded.

nasal sprayThere are several possible side affects that one can experience from using triamcinolone. These can include weakness, tired feelings, nauseous, fever, chills, body aches, easy bruising, white patches or sore inside the nose and blurred vision. In addition one might also experience, stinging, burning, bleeding in the nose, sore throat, watery eyes, headache, vomiting or an unpleasant taste or smell. One’s doctor can provide a complete list of all possible conditions. If one has any of these symptoms should appear the person should be sure to contact the doctor right away. And I one has any questions on the use of this medication those should be given to one’s health care provider. He or she will be able to explain anything on needs to know.

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