Allergies-How to Control Allergies in Your Own Home

Control AllergiesIt’s impossible to control what is happening in nature. Pollen is a natural event that happens everywhere, and it’s unavoidable. However whets are going on in your own home, is something we can control. Many people suffer form allergies. Seasonal allergies such as Hay Fever or other environmental allergies such as mold and pet dander are very common, and can be controlled inside your home. It’s not possible to eliminate every allergen in your home, but it is possible to make things allergy symptom free if you follow a few basic steps. It does require some work, but the hard work will pay off. You can make your life more enjoyable inside your own, and may not require any medication, if you maintain a regular regiment of work duties.

Allergens love clutter. Try to eliminate as much clutter as possible, Allergens such as dust mites, and pollen land on surfaces and collect in areas where there is clutter. Dusting the entire house, including light fixtures and knickknacks, and eliminating clutter will help reduce your unnecessary exposure to allergens, If you work at a desk , keep it tidy.

Allergies in Your Own HomeClean your house once a week. Dusting mopping, and sweeping the whole house will eliminate allergens, and also bacteria that may cause other issues its advisable not to use any harsh chemicals to clean because they also can trigger an allergy attack. A mild soapy water mixture is the best choice. If you clean every week your home should not need any strong cleaners.

if you have serious allergies, a carpet free home may be the best idea. Carpet and rugs are huge havens for every imaginable allergen. Hardwood floors and vinyl are easily seeped up, and are much easier to clean then carpet

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Keeping your house cool and the humidity down will also be helping prevent allergens from surviving and growing. Molds and dust mites do not do well when the humidity is low. Actually if the humidity is less the 50 percent, dust mites can’t survive. Cooler temps also prevent allergies as well. Keep all windows and doors during seasonal allergy season. Use air conditioning, not fans, to cool your house. Invest in a humidifier and use it during the humid months. In the winter months opening some windows and airing out your home is also a good idea.

Allergies-How to Control Allergies in Your Own HomeMost people forget that when they go outside their clothes and body are exposed to pollens. They return to the home, and bring the pollens into the house with them. Clothes should be removed and kept in a hamper away from other things, and washed on a regular basis. If you are exposed to the outdoors, a shower or bath should be the first thing you do after coming back in. Make sure you wash your hair because pollen collects in hair. If you have mild allergies it may not be necessary to be this strict, but if you have a sever allergy, it’s an important step in keeping you home free of allergens.

Most people spend 8 hours in bed, so it’s only logical to keep that area free of allergens. Covering your mattress and pillows in plastic will keep the dust mite level down. Also wash your mattress at least 3 times a year with warm water to eliminate any dust mites that have collected.

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