Allergies Some Tips To Keep in Mind When Going Outside

For most of us, the outdoors is a place we like to be. It may be for different reasons. Some enjoy nature walks, or hiking thorough the woods… People who suffer with seasonal allergies have a challenge when going outside. People who don’t have allergies take it for granted being outside, but allergy sufferers tend to appreciate it better when they can be outside. People who do have seasonal allergies can still enjoy the outdoor, but need to be prepared. Seasonal allergies hit people at all different times. Its possible to be outside and not have an allergy attack, but its also possible, (even with the same conditions) for the person to have an allergy attack. It all depends on if the particles of the allergen get into the nasal passages, of if they don’t. There are some tips for allergy sufferers when going outside.

seasonal allergies

Many people don’t realize that even as early as February allergies can occur. It’s important to know what each and every allergen is affecting you. Keep a record of when , where, and what you are doing I, if allergy symptoms occur Knowing what exactly triggers your attack will allow you to combat it in the future. It’s also important to know that even being near pollen may not trigger an allergy attack. The particles need to enter the nasal passages to show evidence of an allergy. So keeping a log will help identify allergens, for you to avoid. It will also be beneficial to your allergist or doctor when diagnosing your allergies.

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Knowing the best time to be outside is important too. Peek pollen production usually occurs in the morning, so try to adjust your time when being outside. Avoid windy days because that’s when pollen particles travel and raise the chances of you having an allergy attack… Cooler rainy days are ideal conditions for the least likely time to get an attack. The rain washes the allergen particles into the ground, making it a lot harder to breathe them in, causing those nasty symptoms.

Keep track of your local forecast, and act accordingly. Dry, windy days are bad days to be outside if you suffer from seasonal allergies. Most TV news stations give pollen counts as well. So watch for lower pollen counts and try to plan events around days that have high pollen counts.

Use extra protection if you have to be outside on high pollen counts. An inexpensive paint mask is very smart to wear, when working outside or if you feel an attack coming on. Carry one with you just in case. Never re-use a paint mask that’s already been exposed to pollen. Blocking when the allergen particles from entering your mouth or nose is the key to stopping an attack.

Allergies Some Tips To Keep in Mind When Going Outside

When driving during allergy season keep the windows closed. Use the air conditioning to cool your car, and set your control to re-circulate. This closes the outside vents and uses only the air inside the car to cool the temp.

Wear fresh clothes when outside. Never wear the same clothes twice if you suffer from seasonal allergies. The particles cling to clothing items, and are transported where ever you go. When going back home, remove the clothes in a room not used often and place the clothes in the washing machine, or in a hamper, away from areas where you frequent

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Finally, use medications prescribed to the letter… Read and follow the directions on the package, or by the advice of your doctor. Always inform your doctor of any changes in your conditions, or any side affects you may have from the medication,

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