What Can You Do about Allergy Symptoms?

Allergy SymptomsAnyone who has an allergy knows how hard it is to enjoy life, or even cope with everyday normal activities. Allergy symptoms make life unbearable at times, and can be not only frustrating, but devastating depending on the severity of the symptoms. Although there is no cure for allergies there are some things you can do to help prevent or alleviate some of your allergy symptoms.

How you combat your allergy symptoms depends on what your allergy is. There are several allergens that are environmental allergens, and they are dealt with in different ways. Although the symptoms of each allergy may be the same, the controlling of the allergen may be quite different.

People allergic to pollens should shower and bathe nightly during the pollen season. Be sure to wash your hair and not to miss any part of your skin. Pollen particles gather in hair, and on your skin. Avoid the outdoors on warm windy days. Pollen particles that are breathed through the nose are what cause the symptoms, not the plants those selves. The tiny particles enter the nasal passages and create all the symptoms. Wind moves the particles through the air, so avoiding the warm windy days will decrease the chances of hay fever symptoms. Keep all doors and windows closed. Do not use fans to cool the house. This causes the particles to become air born inside the house. Always use air conditioning in the house, and while driving, during the hay fever season.

What Can You Do about Allergy Symptoms?Many people think that pet allergies are from the hair of cats and dogs. It’s actually the dander from their skin that is the allergens, not the pet hair. The only true way to avoid a pet allergy is not to have any pets. A lot of people still chose to have pets even though they have a pet dander allergy. There are ways to prevent or at least control pet dander allergy symptoms besides not having pets. Bathing your pet frequently will aid in the reduction of dander, however this may not be good for the pet to do it too often, There is allergen resistant bedding on the market, and so training your pet to sleep in the bedding will also help. Use an air filter at all times. There are some available that do reduce pet dander on the air. Dust your house frequently. House dust gathers pet dander, and the allergen can last up to 6 weeks after shed by the animal. Ask your local veterinarian for other ideas to reduce pet dander. Keep in mind, people who suffer with severe pet allergies may have to just deal with not having any pets at home.

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your allergy symptomsIf you have an allergy towards dust mites or dust, the main answer is cleaning. It’s important that your environment is cleaned, and cleaned well. This includes cleaning drapes and upholstery often. Replacing your carpet with wood floors, or vinyl, get rid of all non washable furniture, and replace with leather or washable fabric Polish, and wash your floor often, and cover all your pillows and mattresses with plastic. Buy a high efficient air cleaner. Keep your home clean is the most effective way to avoid any dust allergies.

Mold is another major allergy to people. Cleaning or replacing your shower curtain often, and cleaning your tub are essential. Wash down bathroom walls and fixtures with chlorine bleach, and make sure all dry rot is fixed. Use a dehumidifier to control the moisture in the air, and keeping the air temperature less the 70 digress will help> Keeping your house dry and clean is the most important thing to battle mold allergies

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