Exercise-Induced Asthma

Good advice has already been given. See a Dr. and warm up slow and gentle, min. of 15min, actually, we’d all be better off to follow that advice but most don’t. Also take ten min to cool down. – Hide quoted text — Show quoted text – My girlfriend thinks she might have “Exercised-Induced Asthma”. Anyone here have any knowledge/experience with this? Specifically, some way (other than drugs) to overcome it? Thanks, Eric 1. See a Dr. 2. Read a lot, especially items related to diet, alergies, etc. 3. Expect reactions to extreme exertion, regardless of drug treatments or dietaty changes. 4. Practice relaxation techiques, specifically for neck and face. (see Ozzie for that ) 5. Plan races around extreme weather condiditions. I no longer race in extreme cold, summer air polution, etc. — … tramps like us, Before you buy.

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