Chlorpheniramine. Question for Young Medicine Master Margrove

– Hide quoted text — Show quoted text – This was sent to me by a friend. Margrove, if you read this, any bright comments? Philip This might be thought provoking. A friend found out by accident that by taking some allergy OTC meds she had some symptoms ease tremendously. That led to a web search regarding antihistamines and anxiety, and this is where the search is at this point. She’s actually asked for comments, which I’ll relay on. It seems that Chlorpheniramine (and all the US brands are shown below) is not only very safe, but has a whole lot in common with SSRIs. In fact, I guess it is one. A very old one that was never tested for anxiety. No reason to now as the drug companies would lose gazillions. Chlorpheniramine, selective serotonin-reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and over-the-counter (OTC) treatment. ==== Self-management of psychiatric symptoms === MEDICAL PROGRESS: Histamine and the Antihistaminic Drugs Edmund L. Keeney (Published 1950!!!)… ===== Chlorpheniramine US brands: * Aller-Chlor

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