Asthma Coughing

normal wheezingAsthma is not a new modern day phenomenon as it goes back through the centuries to the early Chinese, Greeks, Romans, and a few other cultures. Each culture had a different label they attached to asthma, but the end result remains the same. The symptoms of asthma are still the normal wheezing, coughing, gagging, choking, and at times the spitting up of phlegm. However, it seems more medical focus is on asthma today in the hopes of eradicating the disease in the future.

Medical physicians can pinpoint the identifying cause and the individual must try to remain patient because this will take time to diagnosis. Keeping this malady in mind there are four allergy asthma symptoms that are generally in recognition and they are:

  • Shortness of breath, particularly when exertion is involved.
  • Wheezing with a whistling or hissing sound when breathing out.
  • Coughing, sometimes chronic coughing, worsening at night.
  • Tightness in the chest occurring without provocation.

asthma symptomsIndividuals having difficulty breathing will reach out for many remedies to try to cause the bronchial tubes to subside from the swelling. This is a focus of attention in a number of ways, some of which is through a change in diet for those individuals who experience an asthma episode through an allergic reaction. There are a few asthma inhalers that children and adults can use in an emergency, but the best possible source is to make an appointment with the family medical physician for a proper diagnosis.

Allergy and asthma unfortunately seem to work off of each other from within the battleground of the lungs. An allergic response will affect the inner lining of the nose and the inner lining of the airways. The symptoms of asthma occur when the antibodies in the blood are in exposure to the allergy causing congestion, itchy eyes, and the possibility of a skin reaction. This would sure make any happy individual turn miserable real fast.

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Individual immune systems produce antibodies when exposure to cats and some dog are within proximity. Some individuals are sick so dramatically they sometimes have to move to a new location out of range of the particular cat or dog. What happens is the antibodies trigger allergic reactions like the nasal congestion and inflammation soon follows. If the individual’s immune system produces allergy antibodies when the individual’s exposure to a specific cat or specific dog then the allergy is in full bloom. The proteins in the cat dander trigger the release of certain chemicals that will cause the inflammation and swelling within the lining of the nose.

asthma inhalersAsthma coughing is an unusual symptom of asthma in general. The cough will first appear after a cold, upper respiratory tract infection or something as innocent as a tickle in the back of the throat. However, in very small percentage of individuals something as innocent as laughing will have the same effect. Individuals who try antibiotics, over the counter cough suppressants and even over the counter cough drops and still find they have a nagging cough must call and make an appointment with a medical physician. At this point it is obvious there is another cause for the asthma cough that is being stubborn.

Avoid all dairy products such as butter, whole milk, eggs, cheese and replace this with alternative food more palatable to the delicate system such as skim milk and rice.Add alternatives to the diet like rice, skim, or soymilk. Also add rice cakes, corncakes, oats, and products made of wheat because these help keep the mucus level down. Bananas are one of those tricky foods because although they are not good for the individual suffering with the symptoms of asthma, they are a good source of potassium which the body requires daily.

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