Symptoms of Asthma

Symptoms of AsthmaAsthma is a chronic illness that is very debilitating for anyone inflicted with this disease. Sometimes the onset is abrupt and very noticeable and sometimes it is a very slow progression. The bronchial tubes or airways develop an inflammation which in turn causes swelling and constriction of the bronchial tubes. This makes the ability to inhale and exhale a strenuous effort. However, with asthma treatment the asthma attack can be under control, but it will take time. The beginning focus of attention is on controlling the asthma and finding out what is causing the asthma.

Individuals today are many who suffer with the symptoms of asthma and some may go for long periods of time without experiencing any symptoms of asthma whatsoever. Other times the individual may spend an entire week doing nothing else but suffering and trying desperately to breath as the bronchial asthma closes up the breathing tubes making it very difficult for the individual to breath.

bronchial asthmaMilder symptoms of asthma attacks are generally much more common. These individuals will have periods of time throughout every day when they experience signs of breathing inability and that is when they will take out their inhaler, if they have one, to alleviate the causes of asthma before it progresses any further. It is at this particular time that it becomes vitally important to tend to the mild symptoms rather than ignoring them. When the individual chooses to ignore the mild symptoms of asthma they run the risk of experiencing coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and tightness of the chest for the next few hours until it all subsides.

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Individuals experiencing some of the more unusual asthma symptoms may consider calling their medical physician because at this point the asthma attack is increasing and will only cause more damage with the passage of time. Some of these unusual symptoms of asthma are:

bronchial asthmaRapid breathing when calm
Blurring of vision and or a sprinkling of dark spots
Extreme fatigue and the inability to participate in exercise
Difficulty falling asleep during the overnight hours
Extreme anxiety and the inability to concentrate
Chronic coughing without wheezing

Chronic coughing is an unusual symptom of asthma in general. The cough will first appear after a cold, upper respiratory tract infection or something as innocent as a tickle in the back of the throat. However, in very small percentage of individuals something as innocent as laughing will have the same effect. Individuals who try antibiotics, over the counter cough suppressants and even over the counter cough drops and still find they have a nagging cough must call and make an appointment with a medical physician. At this point it is obvious there is another cause for the asthma cough that is being stubborn.

Individuals with asthma symptoms are usually not consistent and this does present a challenge to complicating the symptoms of asthma. The other factors that are involved that can trigger the causes of asthma are:

bronchitisAllergens, dust, and smoke
Exercise, infections, and cold air
a spectrum of medications and acid reflux

Individuals may find themselves experiencing many different symptoms that are not necessarily asthma related such as:
heart failure, and bronchitis
Dysfunction of the vocal chords

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Individuals experiencing any of these unusual causes of asthma or that the individual may perceive these symptoms of asthma as life threatening needs to either call a medical physician or have someone drive them to the local community hospital. Once the individual is at the hospital, the emergency room is the place to visit for immediate assistance to help the individual understand the causes, pick up another asthma medication, and have a fighting chance to heal.

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