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allergy attackAllergy suffers who desire to live allergy free must understand that it is of vital importance to avoid allergens and other irritants such as grass and trees that can be harmful, as difficult as this might be. In patients who are not able to avoid allergens either because of living or working proximity there are other forms of medication to desensitize the situation in the hopes of preventing an allergy attack from materializing. Inoculations for the prevention of allergy attacks due to allergens is through injection to children with sensitivity to house dust mites, pollens and some animal dander.

Individuals who are not able to avoid allergens or those individuals whose symptoms of asthma are uncontrollable there are beta-2 agonists, but they also have side effects that the individual needs to be aware of. Some of these side effects as a cause and effect of beta-2 agonists are fast heart rate, anxiety, tremors, palpitations, and lowering of blood potassium, which is correctable by eating a banana once a day to replenish the lost potassium. Inside the home there are other items that go unnoticed until one of the family members develops an allergic reaction, such as the formaldehyde in carpeting and drapes and curtains made of fiberglass.

asthma remediesHowever, there are a few natural asthma remedies that an individual can utilize to help strengthen the lung capacity as well as rebuilding the body. Living healthier is a plus for everyone, but for the individual inflicted with the malady of asthma there are ways to decrease the asthma attack in order for the individual to live a much happier and healthier lifestyle. There are some items that the individual can eliminate and there are other items that the individual can add. This is, in a way a more holistic way to follow the allergy guidelines and just tweak it a bit.

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Avoid all dairy products such as butter, whole milk, eggs, cheese and replace this with alternative food more palatable to the delicate system such as skim milk and rice.Add alternatives to the diet like rice, skim, or soymilk. Also add rice cakes, corncakes, oats, and products made of wheat because these help keep the mucus level down. Bananas are one of those tricky foods because although they are not good for the individual suffering with the symptoms of asthma, they are a good source of potassium which the body requires daily.

allergy freeProcessed foods need to be set aside because of the chemical content which works against a delicate body and the goal is to eat healthier and search for more allergy remedies which will aid the individual to build up their internal system. The goal is to be as allergy free as possible and many times the change of diet and adding exercise on the agenda is an encouraging way to begin the process to be allergy free. The individual is well serving the body by adding vitamins and beginning an exercise regiment too in order to build up the body from the inside out. A healthier lifestyle just may make a big difference in the future.

Allergy contributors are common allergens that for the most part are difficult for the individual to remove from when recognized. These are everywhere and for any individual to try and avoid them is next to impossible in most cases. Well over ninety percent of all cases receiving an allergy diagnosis fall into the category as under observance of the medical community. One of the more interesting aspects of the typical allergy is that in most cases nasal allergies and eczema are also present. It is a strange bedfellow and the medical community is still unsure of why this happens, but the fact is that is does.

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