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asthma inhalerAllergy medication for treatment by way of an allergy attack does seem to work more quickly and is the preferred choice by many medical physicians over the ingestion of tablets or any liquid medication. Perhaps it is because the asthma inhaler also used as an allergy medication takes a more direct route and disperses more rapidly than the ingestion of pills or liquid medication. The other important factor to soothing and calming the allergies is with an inhaler is there are little to no side effects, which is a direct plus.

Allergy medication is numerous and the medical profession along with the individual must understand there is always a risk no matter which medication prescribed. All medications, not just for allergies, have two distinct sides. One side is the value it offers the individual, but the down side is always the known side effects they may cause. Some of the more common medications are:

  • Zyrtec Oral, Nasonex Nasl, Clarinex Oral, and Allegra Oral.
  • Decadron Oral, Fluticasone Nasl, and periactin.
  • Semprex-D, and Trinalin.

Allergy medicationMany of the inhaled medications such as Nasonex Nasl, Fluticasone Nasl are all with their benefit side and their deficit side. Patients who do experience any of the known side effects need to contact their family medical physician. On the other side of the spectrum there are the physically ingested allergy medication such as Zyrtec Oral, Clarinex Oral, and Allegra Oral. The physically ingested medications do carry with them the side effects that the medical physician will watch and log.

Individuals who are not able to avoid allergens or those individuals whose symptoms of asthma are uncontrollable there are beta-2 agonists, but they also have side effects that the individual needs to be aware of. Some of these side effects as a cause and effect of beta-2 agonists are fast heart rate, anxiety, tremors, palpitations, and lowering of blood potassium, which is correctable by eating a banana once a day to replenish the lost potassium.

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Depending on how severe an allergy an individual has there are also numerous over the counter remedies that work well. Most of the over the counter remedies are for sporadic attacks of allergy like when the tree pollen counts are higher than normal. Certain individuals with light allergic reactions may benefit but if the allergic symptoms continue to persist it is best to contact the family medical physician to seek more professional advice.

lung functionMany times the symptoms will disappear as quickly as they begin, but when an individual continues to have difficulties it may mean that something much more serious is involved. Some medications can improve lung function and reduce the airway obstruction over a shorter period of time. To decrease the deposition of medications on the throat from inhalers, and increase the amount reaching the airways, spacers can be a helpful aid. These spacers are tube like chambers attached to the outlet of the inhaler canister.

p>Individuals affected with respiratory allergy know only too well what a lifesaving device the inhaler is with every breath taken. However, for medicine to work the individual must learn how to use it to the individual’s benefit. Though there are some pill form medications the inhalers seem to offer additional benefit in reducing the time it takes for the medication to infiltrate through the internal system.

Advair though treats both the main causes of the asthma and allergy symptoms, the airway constriction and it also treats the inflammation, to help prevent symptoms from returning as often as they were returning. Advair contains salmeterol which can be detrimental to some asthma suffers. This is a metered dose inhaler meant for usage by adults and should be avoided by children under the age of twelve.

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