Oxeze turbuhaler

Oxeze turbuhalerIn the area of asthma treatment the Oxeze turbuhaler, which utilizes formoterol rotacaps with its device is part of a medication group known as beta 2 agonists. It is intended for use on a daily basis as a means of asthma treatment. Like several other bronchodilator devices it is designed for use with the prevention of asthma attacks. That is different than any, which are to be used when one is having an actual asthma attack. For those situations the person is better off using the type that will give immediate fast acting help with the problem. And Oxeze turbuhalers are designed so they can be used with other forms of asthma medications often referred to as corticosteroids. Such devices with the formoterol rotacaps are most often used for the conditions of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchitis and emphysema. It is only used with a doctor’s prescription and comes in a form that must be inhaled. This is the only way this type of medication is to be used. And in the event one has certain allergies the doctor should be informed. This would apply to both formoterol and any lactose products. In addition the person should also let the doctor know if one is allergic to any other substances like foods or preservatives.

chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseThough formoterol has not been tested on humans it has been shown to cause an increase in birth defects on test animals. It is not known if it is passed through breast milk and is not to be used by nursing mothers without checking with doctors. With children the studies on the medicine have only been done on those above the age of five. So there is no information available on any side effects for those under five. In children older than that and also adults there have not been noticed any significant side effects that have been reported. And thus there are no specific and potentially seriously harmful concerns to watch for when using this medication. However, the person should also be aware of the other medications that are being taken. One needs to be sure that they should make the doctor or pharmacist aware of all other medications that are being used. The one’s health care provider will have to possible adjust the dosage to allow for those medications.

In the event one has any of the following possible conditions they should be reported to doctor before taking the medication. These would include a blocked heart, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, any other general heart problems, diabetes, overactive thyroid, seizures and any possible adverse response to formertol. And in the case one experiences any side effects such as chills or cold symptoms, coughing, sore throats the person should notify the doctor. Of a lesser chance one might also experience things like aches and pains, chest discomfort, loss of appetite, dry mouth, and irregular heartbeats. With any such conditions and many more than are not listed it is best to check with doctor right away.

asthma attackOne’s doctor can provide a complete list of any possible side effects. He or she can be sure to answer all questions on the usage of this medication. And to explain any special ways it must be used and also stored. Plus one will want to be sure to call one’s health care provider whenever something comes up that causes concern. And if one has any additional questions or help that is required the doctor can also assist with that area as well. In addition should any problems occur that one doesn’t understand or can’t find out the answers to with the instructions that are provided, then one can also contact one’s health care provider or pharmacist for help.

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