Symbicort Inhaler (Budesonide / Formoterol)

Symbicort Inhaler (Budesonide / Formoterol)
BRAND NAME: Symbicort

GENERIC NAME: budesonide / formoterol fumarate dihydrate

PREPARATIONS: Inhalers: 400/12mcg; 200/6mcg; 100/6mcg

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Symbicort Inhaler 1 inhaler x 400/12mcg  $125.50   $125.50  Buy Now
Symbicort Inhaler 3 inhalers x 400/12mcg  $338.40   $112.80  Buy Now
Symbicort Inhaler 5 inhalers x 400/12mcg  $499.50   $99.90  Buy Now
Symbicort Inhaler 1 inhaler x 200/6mcg  $98.90   $98.90  Buy Now
Symbicort Inhaler 3 inhalers x 200/6mcg  $268.50   $89.50  Buy Now
Symbicort Inhaler 5 inhalers x 200/6mcg  $424.00   $84.80  Buy Now
Symbicort Inhaler 1 inhaler x 100/6mcg  $65.90   $65.90  Buy Now
Symbicort Inhaler 3 inhalers x 100/6mcg  $172.50   $57.50  Buy Now
Symbicort Inhaler 5 inhalers x 100/6mcg  $249.95   $49.99  Buy Now

This is an inhalation medication used in asthma treatment. Symbicort is the brand name for a combination of the steroid budesonide and formoterol that is a long-acting bronchilator that can relax airway muscles. This will allow for a decrease in one’s breathing problems. This is a form of asthma treatment that is used to prevent the problems related to bronchospasms such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma. As a form of inhalation Symbicort may also be used for other purposes that are not related specifically to asthma treatment. This type of medication is not intended in use with a person who is currently experiencing an asthma attack. It will not work fast enough to provide the type of relief needing in such situations. There are other fast-acting types of medications that are specifically designed to help with those types of situations. With Symbicort the primary purpose is to be used on a regular basis to help prevent the problems of asthma attacks. The person should check with their doctor regarding the possible personal risks or benefits related to the use of Symbicort. He can also answer any questions about how this will be the best medication to use for this type of problem.

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tuberculosisSymbicort can be used with a combination of other drugs. And no one should stop using a given a medication when using this time unless the doctor for some reason instructs one to make a change. Should for any reason the medication seem to not be working then one should notify the doctor right away. If one feels some need to take the medication more often than is prescribed it may be the indication that a possible serious asthma attack might be coming. So before increasing in usage one should contact his or her physician. In addition a patient should be sure that he or she informs the doctor if one is allergic to budesonide or formoterol. And since Symbicort has been known to possibly increase the risk of asthma related deaths it is critical to never take any doses other than the one that is prescribed. Therefore a patient should be sure to read and follow all the instructions that are provided.

A person should be sure that one lets the doctor know should one suffer from one of the following conditions heart disease, epilepsy, diabetes, herpes, tuberculosis, any active infection, a metabolic disorder or thyroid condition. It is not known if Symbicort is harmful to an unborn baby. Any mother who is expecting or things will become pregnant while using the medication needs to be sure doctor is aware of the facts. And the breast-feeding mom should not use Symbicort unless checking with one’s health provider first. In addition budesonide can affect growth in children. Therefore one is to check with a doctor if the child’s growth rate seems affected by the use of the medication. Symbicort is not to be given to any child under the age of twelve.

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asthma symptomsThere are a number of possible side effects one might experience from using Symbicort. Those would include worsening of asthma symptoms, chest pains, tremors, wheezing, signs of infection, blurred vision, white patches in mouth, very high blood pressure. And on a lesser level of possibility one might also experience things such as headaches, back pain, nausea, muscle cramps or joint pain. There are other possible symptoms that the doctor can cover in more detail. Should a person have any questions the doctor should be able to answer them about anything of concern. Plus should any problems arise during the use that one can question then the doctor will be the first person to consult. He or she may provide the options of other resources one can check in order to get the information needed.

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