What Can You Do When Allergy Season Hits

Springtime is usually the time of year that most people wait for. Flowers bloom, grass turns green, and trees start budding, the weather turns warmer, and people get outside more often. It’s been a long winter for most, and its time to have some fun in the sun. But for thousands of other people, springtime means sneezing, wheezing, headaches and runny noses .Its allergy season for many and that mean feeling miserable. There are some things people can do to get ready for the allergy season. There is no cure for allergies, but there are some ways to prepare yourself, and make you life more bearable during the allergy season.

Allergy symptoms hit randomly. You only need a small amount of pollen, mold or dust to enter your nasal passage, to have an allergy attack. It’s very possible to be in an area where pollen is rampant, and not have an attack, it’s also very possible to have a tiny amount of pollen in the air, and have a major attack. This is important to know so you won’t be caught off guard if/when you get an allergy attack. Being prepared to combat the attack is a must, so you can enjoy yourself during the allergy season.

Allergy Season Hits

Stocking up on medication is a must. The worst scenario during allergy season is not having medication during and allergy attack. The symptoms are miserable and not being able to stop them, makes for a disaster. Without treatment the symptoms worsen, and can become severe enough that you may require a trip to the hospital. Quick action is the best way to avoid a serious allergy attack. Before allergy season you just take an inventory of your medications on hand, and have enough available to last you through the whole year. This will take the fear out of running out or not being able to get to a store if you run out.

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Seeing a family doctor or allergist is a good idea. An allergy test and physical exam before allergy season hits is a good way to be prepared for the allergy season. Your doctor may think you qualify for a stronger prescription, or he can recommend the best over the counter medication for your condition. Consulting with your doctor is a great way to figure out how much medication you should be taking, and if he suggests any other form of defense. If you do happen to be on a prescription drug, your doctor may give options to renew your prescription if needed. This will be very beneficial if you find yourself low during the season. No need to call the doctor at the last minute for more medication. A trip to the doctor right before the allergy season makes total sense.

What Can You Do When Allergy Season Hits

There is a reason for the term “spring cleaning”. Dust and pollen can settle on anything, so cleaning your house is a great idea to prevent allergies. Wash all pillows bedding, rugs, and upholstery. Make sure your furnace filter is changed. This is a magnet for dust mites and pollen. Change your shower curtain, and wash your tub and bathroom with chlorine bleach. Make sure any dry rot from water damage is repaired. This is also a huge area for mold to develop. Keeping your house clean is very important if you suffer from allergies. You can’t control the outside environment, but you can control the inside.

Keep your windows and doors closed during the allergy season. Use an air conditioner to cool your house, and you may want to run it early in the season to prevent early pollen from entering your house. It’s a good idea to have your furnace cleaned and check to ensure your air conditioning is operating properly, and to avoid a breakdown during the season. It’s also good to make sure your car air conditioning is working properly as well. Be prepared for the allergy season will make your life more comfortable, and can prevent a bad allergy season.

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