Occupational Asthma

adult onset asthmaInteresting enough occupational asthma in, around, and near the work place is a condition that progressively becomes worse over time due to chronic exposure. Some of the symptoms include chest tightness, wheezing and the shortness of breath. Short-term exposure to various workplace chemicals will do harm, but it will not be permanent. However, long-term exposure through the constant inhaling of chemical substances will be on adult onset asthma accompanied by the chronic asthma coughing syndrome.

Objective is for the individual to remain observant and try to understand exactly which substance or substances are causing the asthma wheezing and then to try to eliminate the substance or wear a mask to avoid inhaling the substance into the lungs. An appointment with the local medical physician for the options of the types of remedies available is also a worthwhile adventure. The medical physician will offer the individual a prescription for a type of asthma inhaler that will best suit the individual.

Asthma treatmentAsthma treatment by way of an asthma inhaler does seem to work more quickly and is the preferred choice by many medical physicians over the ingestion of tables or any liquid medication. Perhaps it is because the asthma inhaler takes a more direct route and disperses more rapidly than the ingestion of pills or liquid medication. The other important factor to soothing and calming the occupational asthma is with an inhaler there are little to now side effects, which is a direct plus.

Adrenaline still works best for asthma treatment so the medical community did their best to find a way to synthesize it for mass production which they have accomplished successfully. Little to no side effects is the main reason why the focus on adrenaline was so intense. Some of the inhaled medications are beta-2 agonists, anticholinergics, corticosteroids, and cromolyn sodium. On the other side of the spectrum there are the physically ingested allergy medication such as aminophylline, leukotriene antagonists, beta-2 agonists, and corticosteroid tablets. The physically ingested medications do carry with them the side effects that the medical physician will watch and log.

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allergy medicationOccupational asthma suffers must understand that it is of vital importance to avoid allergens and other irritants that can be harmful, as difficult as this might be. In patients who are not able to avoid allergens either because of living or working proximity there are other forms of medication to desensitize the situation in the hopes of preventing an asthma attack from materializing. Inoculation for the prevention of asthma attacks due to allergens is through injection to children with sensitivity to house dust mites, pollens and some animal dander.

Asthma is a silent affliction that affects everyone from all walks of life and at any age and this is why it is such a concern to the medical community. Some of asthma reactions are environmental and some is from a genetic disorder. Distinguish which one is which is difficult until the individual’s exposure to the proper diagnostics. There is a difference between an asthma attack caused through an allergy too and this complicates the diagnosis. In any event the medical community agrees this is a bronchial condition of the inflamed bronchi. The cause is what causes difficulty in diagnostics.

Individuals having difficulty breathing will reach out for many remedies to try to cause the bronchial tubes to subside from the swelling. This is a focus of attention in a number of ways, some of which is through a change in diet for those individuals who experience an asthma episode through an allergic reaction. There are a few asthma inhalers that children and adults can use in an emergency, but the best possible source is to make an appointment with the family medical physician for a proper diagnosis.

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