Asthma Inhalers

Asthma treatment by way of asthma inhalers does seem to work more quickly and is the preferred choice by many medical physicians over the ingestion of tables or any liquid medication. Perhaps it is because the asthma inhalers take a more direct route and disperses more rapidly than the ingestion of pills or liquid medication. The other important factor to soothing and calming the asthma attack is with an inhaler there are little to now side effects, which is a direct plus.

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Individuals affected with asthma know only too well what a lifesaving device the asthma inhaler is with every breath taken. However, for medicine to work it the individual must learn how to use it to the individual’s benefit. Though there are some pill form medications for the asthmatic, the inhalers seem to offer additional benefit in reducing the time it takes for the medication to infiltrate through the internal system. There are on the market today a few different types of asthma inhalers. They are as follows:
Metered dose inhalers or MDI
Dry powder inhalers or DPI

medicated internal sprayMetered dose inhalers are the most prevalent asthma inhaler in use today by many individuals. Each push to release the medicated internal spray is a controlled and measured dosage to reduce the percentage of error. The dry powder inhalers are just what it implies. This is a very fine, dry powder to give the individual the opportunity to breath in the dry powder. This is a pressurized powder and released in the specific dose required by the medical physician. This will cause the individual to inhale very rapidly to absorb all the fine powder into the lungs to alleviate the congestion and reduce the mucus forming inside the lung canals.

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Nebulizers are a special device specifically made for those individuals who are unable to use one of the other inhaler’s. This specialized device is especially helpful for infants and very young children afflicted with asthma. Nebulizer’s have a tiny cup attached to a mouthpiece in the form of tubing. This is then connects to an air compressor pumping needed medicine into the individual’s lungs at a specific interval for best release. It is in the form of a very fine liquid mist to penetrate deep into the tubes of the lungs and offers relieve to the individual almost immediately.

Individuals who are utilizing the use of an asthma inhaler also must learn to use them properly in order to receive the necessary benefits the asthma inhaler provides. There are a few methods for asthma stricken individuals to pay attention.

Follow the instructions for the type of asthma inhaler used

Request a demonstration from the medical physician or pharmacist

Talk with the medical physician when difficulties arise

Check the expiration date and set aside if the inhales is out of date

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Individuals that are experiencing difficulty with their asthma inhaler have the option to discuss the difficulties with their medical physician, hospital nurses, and the local pharmacist who fills the medical physician’s prescription for the individual. It may seem a little awkward in the beginning, but all individuals suffering the symptoms of asthma will learn how to work the asthma inhaler. In a sense it just takes a little practice and then the difficulties will subside. Parents with young children must pay close attention because the asthma inhaler can sometimes be difficult for the young child to operate. It will take a little more patience and understanding on the part of the parent.

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