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Allergy InformationThe Asthma and Allergy Information and Research or AAIR is a center which concentrates on the cause and effect of all allergens regarding individuals stricken with asthma and allergies. The life threatening allergic reaction can be something very simple and benign to a cause of severe trauma and death. This institution has a complete medical staff to work tirelessly in search of the “why” in all the common and known causes of allergens and asthma today.

Medical teams try diligently to separate the allergy from the asthma, but in far too many cases they are one in the same and there is where the difficulty resides. The individual can develop allergies whether mild or severe and never develop so much as a trace of asthma. Yet, the same individual can develop asthma without ever developing asthma. This is very strange and science is having difficulties separating the facts from fiction, yet it is there.

Individuals suffering an asthma attack or experiencing the causes of asthma turning severe experience the tightening up of the air passages in the lungs as the passageway becomes more narrow than under normal conditions. Breathing becomes very laboring and the lining of the lungs become very swollen and inflammatory. The coughing becomes incessant , wheezing is very strong, and the individual by this point is experiencing much pain in, around the chest area, and in the throat and neck area.

asthma todayProcessed foods need to be set aside because of the chemical content which works against a delicate body and the goal is to eat healthier and search for more asthma remedies which will aid the individual to build up their internal system. The goal is to be as asthma free as possible and many times the change of diet and adding asthma exercise on the agenda is an encouraging way to begin the process to be asthma free. The individual is well serving the body by adding vitamins and beginning an exercise regiment too in order to build up the body from the inside out. A healthier lifestyle just may make a big difference in the future.

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Allergens also pose a threat when parents find their child or children are allergic to the material furniture, like sofa’s, cushioned chairs, ottomans, draperies, and rugs. Most of these particular items will cause an allergy and asthma attack because of the formaldehyde, especially within carpeting. Some parents will find they must remove all carpeting from the home and have hardwood floors installed. This does become a very big expense, but the health of the child or children far outweigh the cost of making a few minor adjustments to the home.

asthma exerciseAllergies in general are not of the severe variety, yet there are certain items that an individual will come in contact with and it only takes an instant and the allergy triggers. The Asthma and Allergy Information and Research or AAIR studies many aspects of the cause and effect of asthma and allergies. The life threatening allergens and the life threatening asthma attacks treated with anaphylaxis. Positive results are continuously in reports and this may be a more effective treatment in the years to come. Other interests they are actively studying are:

  1. The relationship between asthma and pregnancy.
  2. Allergies and the household dust mites.
  3. Nuts, latex, and hay fever allergies.
  4. Urticaria, nettlerash, and hives.
  5. Angiodema and perfume allergies.

Diagnostic testing is the only way the medical physician can pinpoint the identifying cause and the individual must try to remain patient because this will take time to diagnosis. There are a variety of patch tests the medical physician will conduct, but with each patch test there is a time delay of anywhere from a few days to a week. Similar to the tuberculosis testing that is in many states through a patch test.

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