Allergies Vitamins Can Now Cure Seasonal Allergies

seasonal allergiesLiving and dealing with seasonal allergies can be miserable. It can make enjoying the outdoors, and nature virtually impossible. Some people suffer so with allergies so bad, that they are unable to even go outside. The grass, trees, pollution or other outdoor door natural things cause havoc with a persons allergies that they don’t venture outside at all. Inside allergens affect people and control how they live there life as well. Seasonal allergies are unpredictable. They can affect the person at any given time, causes work loss or canceling plans because of an allergy flare up.

Allergy sufferers understand the discomfort associated with their allergy symptoms. Most people have tried every, and any relief cure, or medicine available, in hopes of any success in treating their allergy symptoms. Many visits to Doctors, and Allergists, with little or no relief, are a very frustrating feeling. Popping pills, nose drops, inhalers, and other methods of controlling your allergies may give some temporary relief, but its short lived, and comes with many side affects. The allergy sufferer continues to try anything just for some relief. The discouraging thing is that most of these treatments only provide and temporary relief, and rarely control all the symptoms. Some medications may stop the congestion, but not the sneezing, or vice versa… The truth is that none of these treatments totally make the person feel and be able to function normally. Therefore the person is never fully treated, only partially treated. The only medical alternative is in a case of an emergency attack, the person is given more drugs to treat the serious symptoms, but still it never prevents the symptoms from coming back.

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There are necessary vitamins needed to live a healthy life, and most do not get them from the foods they eat. Some people choose supplements to build stronger bones, and muscles, but fail to think about vitamins as a way of controlling their allergies. The concept behind vitamins and allergy prevention is to build up your immune system, and your natural defenses. Our bodies have natural abilities to fight off illnesses, and other foreign substances. Taking the right vitamins help build up our defenses, and our immune system.

Allergies Vitamins Can Now Cure Seasonal Allergies

There are several vitamins that aid in building up our immune system. Vitamin A and E are two of the most common immune system builders. Vitamin A is also an anti-inflammatory, which will help keep your nasal passages from getting inflamed. Vitamin C is also a great choice for fighting off seasonal allergies. Vitamin C is natural anti-histamine. It’s proven that large doses of vitamin C along with histamine blockers are a great defense for seasonal allergy sufferers. Eating a high diet of Omega-3 fatty acids will also reduce allergic reactions. Omega-3 fatty acid can be found in salmon, walnuts, and avocados… B5 vitamins help the body absorb all these nutrients, so they work more affectively to fight off the allergies. Vitamin D is also used to help build up the immune system… Vitamin D comes from natural sunlight ,but its also added to milk products, and other foods, and is also found in a supplement form

there are other natural remedies and that aid in fighting allergy and allergy symptoms. Besides the vitamins listed above there are natural herbs that will help with symptoms of allergies. Aloe is great for skin rashes, and hives. Eucalyptus is another natural soother for the nasal passages, and calms the coughing that sometimes comes with other allergy symptoms. Some people add the eucalyptus leaves to tea, as a hot soothing drink. Just like all medications, vitamins and herbs can be harmful if taken in appropriately. Always consult a doctor before taking any natural remedy. Sometimes natural herbs and vitamins can be deadly especially if mixed with medication

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