Chronic Asthma

Shortness of breathIndividual with chronic asthma has an illness that is very debilitating for anyone inflicted with this disease. Sometimes the onset is abrupt and very noticeable and sometimes it is a very slow progression. The bronchial tubes or airways develop an inflammation which in turn causes swelling and constriction of the bronchial tubes. This makes the ability to inhale and exhale a strenuous effort. However, with asthma treatment the asthma attack can be under control, but it will take time. The beginning focus of attention is on controlling the chronic asthma and finding out what is causing the asthma.

Individuals today are many who suffer with the symptoms of asthma and some may go for long periods of time without experiencing any symptoms of asthma whatsoever. Other times the individual may spend an entire week doing nothing else but suffering and trying desperately to breath as the bronchial asthma closes up the breathing tubes making it very difficult for the individual to breath.

Chronic Asthma

Diagnostic testing is the only way the medical physician can pinpoint the identifying cause and the individual must try to remain patient because this will take time to diagnosis. There are a variety of patch tests the medical physician will conduct, but with each patch test there is a time delay of anywhere from a few days to a week. Similar to the tuberculosis testing that is in many states through a patch test. Keeping this malady in mind there are four allergy asthma symptoms that are generally in recognition and they are:

Shortness of breath, particularly when exertion is involved
Wheezing with a whistling or hissing sound when breathing out
Coughing, sometimes chronic coughing, worsening at night
Tightness in the chest occurring without provocation

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Individuals suffering from a severe chronic asthma attack may become breathless and have difficulty even trying to talk. The individual’s neck muscles will become tight and hardened. The individual’s lips and fingernails may turn a grayish or bluish color from the lack of oxygen traveling through the body. This is a very dangerous time and can very easily become life threatening. The skin around the rib cage will slowly appear to be sucking in and the individual’s overall health will begin to deteriorate very rapidly.

Individuals in this severe chronic asthma attack stage will be best to get emergency assistance as soon as possible. The paramedics are well equipped with oxygen and they will know how to assist the individual back into a healthier state of breathing before too much body oxygen is gone. The paramedics will stay with the individual all the way to the closest hospital and the staff at the hospital will already receive the alert of the individual’s estimated time of arrival.

asthma cure

Individuals suffering from any form of chronic asthma realize currently that to date there is no asthma cure, but there are certain steps to take to make living more bearable for those who suffer and experience chronic asthma attacks. Something else to take into consideration is sleep apnea which unless this is something to address as it may require surgery at some point. Sometimes sleep apnea is one of the leading causes of asthma.

Long-acting beta-2 agonists are sometimes known bronchodilators to force open constricted airways and reduce the inflammation immediately and the effects of this asthma medicine will last up to twelve hours affording the individual suffering an asthma attack or a bronchial asthma attack a few hours of relief. The Leukotriene modifiers help to reduce the production of leukotrienes. They are immune system chemicals preventing asthma symptoms for a period of time.

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