Asthma Pictures

The written word is a wonderful tool for explanation, however it is very difficult to explain certain concepts in words especially when there is no prior knowledge to add any references. Schools and universities have long used pictures, diagrams and charts to represent different concepts, and show progressions from one stage of a disease to another. Pictures and illustrations provide a more comprehensive view and understanding of a medical condition such as asthma.

The pictures of asthma like any other disease provides an idea of what is going because the internalized organs could not be seen otherwise. Showing pictures helps demonstrate what is occurring on in the inside of the body and to give people in general, a better understanding of the disease on the whole. Pictures of asthma will help demonstrate what actually goes on when a person is having an asthma attack.

Asthma Pictures

There are many forms of pictures. The most basic is the regular medical room chart. Here, in these kinds of pictures a particular organ like the lungs may be the key focus of the chart. Or the whole respiratory system may be charted. The chart will focus or emphasize certain key features. Charts can be coded in colors, or numbers if a certain trajectory is being demonstrated. This way students and interested individuals can chart the path of air supply and get a deeper understanding of the process than when they are just told about it or read about it. Pictures and diagrams can chart the pathway of the allergens going into the body through the nasal or oral pathway and they can show progression of damage upon the bronchi and eventually the lungs.

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Pictures of asthma are not limited to the respiratory system. There would also be pictures of skin asthma, which is also known as atopic dermatitis or eczema. These pictures are very helpful for the student to recognize the symptoms and for the patients to identify the rash or skin condition for themselves.

Any person wishing to see pictures of the respiratory system and asthma can readily google pictures of asthma. They can find photos in free photo sites. Pictures do not have to be sterile they can be moving pictures. In other words they can be training videos, with an instructor or narrator explaining each part of the process as it unfolds.

respiratory system

Apart from explaining asthma and the progression of the disease, pictures are also used to demonstrate the proper way of taking medication. Again, reading the instructions on the back of a label is not helpful for everyone. Mistakes can be made and there may be no one to correct the error. In fact asthma sufferers might think they are correctly applying the inhaler or other medication when in reality they are not. Also picture and diagram instruction is great for people who are illiterate or have trouble reading.

Often times asthma clinics or health centers and asthma foundations will provide pictures of how the respiratory systems responds to an allergen (irritant) or even what is happening during an asthma attack. Pictures of asthma can be found in magazines, and books. Interested individuals can go to university and public libraries to see pictures of asthma. Sometimes local asthma organizations provide seminars to the public about asthma. Here there would be a lot of pictures and slide projections of the illness.

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If you are a visual person, you will understand the benefit of having slides and illustrations to help you understand your illness or to help you understand the illness of a family member. If you are a caretaker of an asthma sufferer, having some asthma pictures may help you to fully appreciate the illness your love one is suffering from.

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