How to Keep Your Allergies from Controlling Your Life

How to Keep Your Allergies from Controlling Your LifeAllergies seem to be a major concern these days, and why not since so many people (millions, actually) suffer from these allergies. Basically, allergies can cause many different reactions in different people with different intensity and different number of symptoms. People are also vulnerable to different things, having allergic reactions to a multitude of objects, both living and non-animate. There are allergies to cats or dogs, some medications, dust, pollen, mold, insects, smoke (both from tobacco and from fire), pollution, and even changes in the weather hot or cold, rainy or dry. In fact, the list is endless.

Now, what exactly causes allergies? The answer is not so simple since no one really knows the complete answer. However, what is known is the following: allergies are the reaction of the body to certain substances which may be harmless to the body. However, the body perceives the substances as harmful and rallies its immune system to demolish these substances. In rallying its immune system, certain chemicals are released (such as histamines) to eradicate the offending intruder or intruders. No one completely understands why the body turns on these substances or why it “sees” them as enemies. It is still a mystery why the immune system becomes so aggressive against them. In doing so, the release of the defensive/offensive chemicals begin affecting the body in negative ways. The respiratory system may begin to grow inflamed and irritated, causing watering eyes, runny nose, coughing, and other respiratory symptoms. The stomach and digestive system may begin experiencing nausea and diarrhea. The skin can grow dry and itchy with unsightly rashes. Even headaches may be part of the allergic reaction. Certainly, this is not the entire list of symptoms, but this does present a fair representation. The unfortunate thing is that any allergic reaction can lead to more serious consequences. As in the case of food allergies, death can result from a condition known as anaphylaxis, which is a term for a life-threatening allergic reaction. The individual has grown hypersensitive to a certain trigger. In response, the body’s immune system explosively overreacts with a condition known as anaphylactic shock. Suddenly, the entire body is suffering extensively, the shock has affected the upper and lower respiratory system, the cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal systems, as well. It can result in swelling, abdominal cramps, difficulty in breathing, diarrhea, vomiting, circulatory collapse, coma and even death.

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AllergiesAllergies must be managed for an individual to live a fairly normal life since the symptoms can really overtake his or her life. Certainly the idea of any threat to the life should be a cautionary warning to gain the “upper hand” in managing the allergy or allergies. Besides following the doctor’s orders by taking the correct dosages of any prescribed medications and instructions for further allergy care, the individual can also become proactive in controlling the way the allergy affects his or her lifestyle. The person can take over-the-counter drugs such as anti-histamines. He or she can also begin to do a makeover of the home, such as removing heavy drapes, carpeting, and any stuffed toys to avoid extra dust or dust mites. Another positive action to take is to vacuum with a heap filter vacuum and mop the floors frequently. Other actions include washing the bed linen in as hot of a temperature as possible (dust mites are a source of allergens). This should be done every week. The person with allergies may also decide to buy a air purifier which would be an excellent investment since it eliminates so very many allergens. Of course, these steps are not all inclusive, however they will definitely help the person with allergies from controlling his/her life.

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