Allergies-5 Steps to Ridding Yourself of Sinusitis

Many people misdiagnose them selves when it comes to sinusitis. The symptoms of sinusitis are very similar to a cold virus, and many people think that’s what they have. Cold symptoms such as a stuffy and/or runny nose, headache, pressure in the face ear pressure, that don’t seem to go away, may be sinusitis. When the sinuses become blocked, bacteria and viruses can get trapped in the nasal passage because of mucous buildup. Because of this, the germs can grow into an infection, and cause inflammation of the nasal passages. The result of this causes headaches, swelling and pressure pain. The body ’s signals trouble and sends vast amounts of white blood cells to the nose to attempt to fight off the infection, thus causing the mucous color to darken. Thus you have a full blown case of sinusitis.


The main cause for sinusitis is the common cold. The cold virus may have left your body, but in the meantime you still have the sinus condition. That’s why most cases of sinusitis occur after a common cold virus. Many people think it’s still the cold causing trouble but that’s not true. The cold virus is gone but it left you with another problem. Many times the cold will subside and so will all the symptoms. But sometimes that doesn’t happen, and you are left with sinusitis, or a sinus infection. There are some ways to control your sinusitis.

Stressing the fact to drink lots of water is crucial Consuming plenty of water keeps the mucous loose and thin or will loosen the flow of mucous. Hydration is important for everyday life but when sick with sinusitis it’s critical to drink lots of water to reduce the swelling ad for a faster recovery.

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Getting steam into the nasal passages will give you lots of relief. Taking a longer and warmer shower is adviaseable. Spending more time in a hot moist environment will help clear the nasal passages, and the warm water on your face will ease the pressure as well. Obviously we cant spend hours in the shower but adding an extra shower during the day will help your sisnustis recovery plan. Some people choose to boil a pan of water , place a towel over there head , and breathe in steam. Yes this works, and it does moisten the nasal passages and loosens mucous. Even placing a hot towel over the nose and laying down will help, but the steam method is much better.

Adding humidity to your environment is also benefishal. Dry air is the worst scenario for sinusitis. Having a humidifier at your home, or work will help clear your nasal passages, and help give you some relief and aid in your breathing.

Allergies-5 Steps to Ridding Yourself of Sinusitis

Bathing your sinuses is another way to aid in your illness. Using a squeeze bottle to shoot water into your nose will moisten your nasal passages, and loosen mucous, Saline solutions are also sold in pharmacies making it easier and convenient to use when not at home. Bathing your nasal passages through out the day is advisable And will speed up recovery. It’s also a great way to prevent sinusitis safely.

Finally, keep your head elevated as much as possible. The mucous floes better when you are in an upright position. Sleep with your head elevated. This will keep the trapped mucous from pooling and always will help in draining.

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Following these 5 steps will assist and speed up recovery for your sinusitis. Always contact a physician if your symptoms worsen or you develop a fever. This may mean you have a more serious condition that may require medical help,

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